• Cortium™ Universal OCT Spinal Fixation System

  • Lateral Mass Screw Angulation 3.5mm & 4.0mm Diameter

  • Favored Angle with Set Screw in Tulip

  • 3.5mm and 4.0mm Diameter Straight Rods

  • Screw to Screw Crosslinks


Universal OCT Spinal Fixation System

  • High angulation, friction head screws and connectors with options for the most complex OCT
  • 3.5 and 4.0mm rod diameters in curved, straight, and transition styles to match patient
    anatomical challenges
  • OC module includes plates with integrated translation, hinged and pre-bent rods, and self-
    tapping screws
  • Fully compatible with Momentum® Posterior Spinal Fixation System
  • Complementary to cervical and upper thoracic expandable VBR portfolio


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