ulrich medical USA® Announces Exceptional First Quarter Sales

Resilient Rebound From COVID Impacts

ST. LOUIS, MO (May 21, 2021) – ulrich medical USA, Inc., a medical device company focused on developing and commercializing musculoskeletal implant technologies in the United States, reported that the first quarter of 2021 marked the strongest quarterly revenue in the company’s history.

Despite the challenges presented by COVID, monthly sales have set a new bar for ulrich medical USA. In addition, robust progress continues on the development of multiple new products that are poised to uphold the company’s century-long tradition of innovation and efficacy.

“We are grateful to our customers for allowing us to continue serving their needs,” said Pete Richardson, Vice President, Finance and Administration, ulrich medical USA. “We are also extremely proud of our team – our sales agents and managers in the field, and our in-house personnel. They have all pitched in and worked creatively to keep the gears turning, in the face of all the obstacles presented by COVID, and results like these show that our combined efforts truly matter to our customers.”