• Manufactured from radiolucent PEEK-OPTIMA® LT1 or titanium alloy

  • Bullet tipped implant allows for ease of insertion

  • Roughened surface for boney adherence

  • Aggressive teeth to limit migration

  • PEEK implants are manufactured with radiographic markers for positioning

  • Recessed window on both sides of the titanium implant to minimize scatter on x-ray

uCerv® / uCerv Ti®

Anterior Cervical Interbody Device

  • Implant system (PEEK or titanium alloy) for the intervertebral body fusion of the cervical spine
  • Rectangular shaped implants available in a parallel or 6° lordotic configuration in various heights
  • Bullet tipped implant allows for ease of insertion and self-distraction
  • Optimal teeth patterns on superior and inferior surfaces to limit migration
  • Large central core allows for maximum bone graft material
  • Footprints: 14×12, 15×13, 17×14, optional XL 19×16
  • Heights: 5mm – 12mm (depending on footprint)


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